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The bath costs $19 for 17 mins.
You can add 4 mins extra for $5 as many times as you need.

Easy to use

1. Secure dog in tub: With anti slip floors and water resistant collars, all you have to do is secure your pup to the tub and enjoy your bath time​.

2. Pay to start: Payment is simple.Touch, swipe or cash.

5. Top up at any time during cycle: Once your standard time is up, you have 90 seconds to make your next selection. You can either top up for $5 an additional 4 minutes or if you are finished you can press "disinfect" to leave the tub ready for the next Pawstumer.

6. Disinfect tub when finished: After you are done with your time and washing and drying your dog, take him-her out of the tub and please click on the blue step to disinfect the tub for the next user.

3. Make selection to wash your dog: Press Shampoo and follow the instructions. You can skip back and forth between steps as much as you want and you can also stop as many times as you need and it won't use up your time.

4. Press button on top of gun to commence washing: When you use the water gun press down on the button until it clicks, the water and products will stay on without needing to hold it down.

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All of the K9000 creations are 100% plant based and hypoallergenic.

Shampoo and Conditioner with Aloe Vera and Coconut. Flea & Tick Shampoo targets pests with a tea tree oil base. They are formulated and tested for use in the machines and approved by veterinarians and professional veterinary organizations. Let's keep our furry friends smelling great, looking fluffy and feeling like the top dog. 

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