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  • How much does the bath cost?
    $17 US.
  • How long does the bath take?
    It takes 15 minutes but if you want more time, we have our top up for an additional $5 for 4 more minutes.
  • Does 15 mins enough to bath my dog ?
    Yes, if you follow the timer instructions on the machine you’ll do the cycle on the right time, which is: shampoo: Approx. time 2-4 mins Rinse: Approx. time: 1-2 mins Flea control: Approx. time: 30 sec Conditioner: Approx. time:1-2 mins Blow dryer: Approx. time:5 mins Disinfect tub: FREE Approx. time:1 min
  • Do I have to follow the cycle on the machine?
    We Suggest you do, but you can go back and forth as many times as you want and you can also “Stop” for 30 seconds as many times as you want too.
  • Should I bring my own towel?
    Don't worry about this, you just bring your furry friend. We provide towels and aprons for you to have an excellent experience with us.
  • Has the machine include blow dryer?
    Yes, our machines provide a complete service with two speed level dryers.
  • If my dog has allergies, can I bring my own shampoo?"
    All our products are 100% plant based and hypoallergenic. However, if you feel more comfortable bringing your own products, it’s totally fine.
  • What is the water temperature for my dog?
    It is recommended use warm water to bathe your furry friend. The water temperature must be close to body temperature, which is about 95℉ to 98℉.
  • Can I find clippers and scissors to cut my dog's hair?
    Unfortunately, we do not provide it, as we are a self-service dog wash and not a grooming salon, we do not offer these services.
  • Is the tub safe for my dog?
    Yes, the tub has slip-resistant floor and a waterproof collar to secure your pup.
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