Why us?

Dogs are a essential part of our lives, we take them to parks, we play with them and sometimes we even sleep in the same bed. That's why Pawfect Wash comes into your life, so you can avoid bad smells and enjoy all these moments with your best friend. Our system is preferred by our customers because it is as simple as a car wash but for our dogs. Would you ever have imagined? Yes, a car wash for dogs! Easy, simple and safe to use, all our products are right inside the machines, even the blow dryer.

We avoid you to spend long hours with your dog at home, bathing him and then cleaning the bathroom for your use. With us, you will forget about all the mess in your house and focus only on having the best experience with your dog to see him cleaner and fresher than ever, leaving the mess to us. Besides saving time, we offer you the best price in the market.

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Projected locations 2021-2022

With a projected 24 locations within the next 4 years around your favorite Puget Sound Neighborhoods, Pawfect Wash will be your go-to DIY option for washing your pup.

These are my humans...


Adolfo Sanchez"Buba"



Maria Sierra"Aleja"

Operations Manager


Maria Paula Bustos"Pau"



Hi! I'm Benji
Chief Barketing Officer for Pawfect Wash