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Code of conduct

Blue & White Dog Grooming Guide Book Cover (8).png
Code of conduct

To ensure a safe, secure and exceptional experience for you and all our pawstomers please follow the following rules:

-All  dogs must remain on leash at all times unless inside one of the gated stations.

- Disinfect tub after use. This is the last step (marked in light blue) Please make sure all dog hair has washed away into the gutters.

-Feel free to use our towels and brush. We just ask you to put towels in the "dirty towels" bin after use and pull the dog hair out of the brush.

-Make sure the main door closes behind you on the way in. This door must remain closed at all times.

-Since bathing can be a difficult experience for some pups, please respect the space of others, you are responsible for your dogs behavior.

**Subject to not following these rules can result in revocation of membership to access our locations.**

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